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DCI is a Research Centre attached to the Dhammakaya Institute/ Bangkok. The Sri Lankan branch of the Dhammakaya Tipitaka Project was established in 2012 at the SIBA/ Pallekele. In Thailand, the DCI was established for the purpose of propagating Buddha Dhamma by collecting, editing and translating the Tipitaka for the benefit of all those interested in Theravada Buddhism. There are two types of work undertaken by the SIBA/DCI: Here in the Data Entry section the Pali Texts are digitized to be sent to Bangkok for editing and printing. Edited texts of the Pali Tipitaka are then sent to the SIBA/DCI to be translated into Sinhala comparing with other published versions.

At the DCI there are specially trained staff members for Data Entry while two Supervisors are in charge of this work. Translation work has been going on since 2011 and so far we have completed translation of the Digha Nikaya and Majjhima Nikaya. Professor Udaya Meddegama is the Director of the Project who performs as the Chief Translator.

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