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Buddhist teachings endowed with Pariyatti, theoretical understanding of Dhamma obtained through reading, study, and learning, Paipatti: the practice of Dhamma, and Paivedha: Direct, first-hand realization of the Dhamma, aimed at welfare, benefit, and happiness of the many is widely regarded as one of the greatest teachings taught by the Gautama Buddha Department of Pli and Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy, SIBA Campus, plays a vital role in promoting Pali and Buddhist Studies in the University curriculum, and producing skilful, efficient, qualified scholars in Pali and Buddhist Studies. With the view of providing students with sufficient philosophical and practical knowledge and experience on Buddhist Studies, Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies offers a number of Degree, Higher Diploma/ Diploma, and Certificate study programmes with the blessings and patronage of the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic.

B.A. Special Degree in Buddhist Leadership is designed with national and international in scope, grounded on Buddhist principles, and designed to produce local, and international religious, social, and political leaders who are simultaneously Dhamma practitioners and disseminators. The 4 year programme comprises of;

Course Content

  • Study of Buddha-Dhamma
  • Meditation Practice
  • Intermediate Pali Language Studies
  • Humanities and Social Sciences and Disciplines
  • English, Sinhala, Tamil
  • Religious Studies
  • Counselling Psychology
  • IT, and Communication

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Pali is regarded as one of the most significant languages in which the authentic Buddhist Teachings have been encapsulated and entitled as Pali Tipitaka. This course aims at producing graduates who could cater to the local and international demand for Pali Buddhist scholars and disseminators of Dhamma as scholars who are inspired by the spirit of original Buddhist Teachings. The core of the B.A. Special Degree in Pali comprises of;

Course Content

  • Introduction to Pali Studies
  • Basic Pali Grammar
  • Historical Pali Grammar
  • Traditional Pali Grammar
  • Reading from the Vinayapitaka, Suttapitaka, Abhidhammapitaka
  • Pali Composition
  • Study of the Pali Canon
  • Pali Commentaries and Sub-commentaries
  • Pali Chronicles
  • Pali Poetry
  • Pali Manuscripts
  • Buddhist Meditation

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BA General Degree that offers as a three major subject degree, aims at producing graduates possessing a sound knowledge and understanding of the subjects they learn. A student can select either two subjects with the third subject as a floating subject or can select three fixed subjects from the below list of subjects that SIBA currently offers under B.A. General Degree,

Course Content

  • Management Studies
  • Communicative English
  • Information Technology
  • Global Studies
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Pali Language and Literature

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Higher Diploma & Diploma Courses

  • Higher Diploma in Pali
  • Diploma in Pali
  • Diploma in Sutta Reading
  • Diploma in Yoga Meditation

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate Course in Yoga Meditation
  • Certificate Course in Pali
  • Certificate Course in Sutta Reading

Short-term Courses

  • Short Term Course in Buddhadhamma
  • Short Term Course in Pali

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