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Ms. Kamala Wijeratne

Editors and Proofreaders:

Ms. Ruvini Wickramaratne

Ms. Manel Abeygunawardena

Ms. Thilini Dissanayake

Ms. Shivanthy Bambaradeniya

Ms. Anuthzara Wickramasinghe

Ms. Narmada Obeysekera

Ms. Sahani Situbandara

Contributors To IRIS

Rev. Bhikkuni Suwimalee - Former Lecturer of SIBA Campus / An Award winning writer

Thilini Dissanayake - Lecturer, Department of English & Modern Languages, SIBA Campus

Tharaka Ranathunga - Assistant Lecturer, Department of Modern Languages, University of Sabaragamuawa

Indeewari K Galagama - Assistant Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Kelaniya

Keshab Sigdel - Award winning writer/Lecturer, Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu/ the International Coordinating Committee Member of World Poetry Movement

Isuru Priyadarshana - Research Assistant, MPhil Student, Uva Wellsassa University

Ahinsa Lokudadalla - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus

Diana Sansoni - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus

Dilrukshi Marasinghe - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus

Dulani Navodya Somarathna - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus (Treasurer, IRIS Writers’ Club)

Janidu Kulage - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus (President, IRIS Writers’ Club)

Kalpana Abeyrathne - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus

Kushanthi Bandara - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus

M M S M Marasinghe - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus

Methma Lokuge - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus

Rashmi Gunaratne - A student in B.A.General Degree program, SIBA Campus

Sanjeewika Wijesinghe - A student in Higher Diploma in English program, SIBA campus

Articles designed by Samali Nawaratne

Welcome to the Creative Writing Journal IRIS - The SIBA Forum for Creative Writers.

IRIS is the annual creative writing journal published by the Department of English & Modern Languages of the Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy. The journal receives creative articles from undergraduates and academics from higher educational institutes in Sri Lanka and abroad.
The name of the journal reflects the aspirations and the vision of the architects of IRIS. The name Iris has multiple meanings. At the most familiar level it is the orb of the eye, the part that envisions and responds to all visual stimuli. At the classical level, it is the goddess of the rainbow, the varied hued and layered spectacle in the sky. The weaving together of the physical, the natural, the aesthetic and the mythical has resulted in a mosaic of wonderful creations. The visionary behind this venture is Dr. Upali M. Sedera the Rector/CEO of SIBA.
Publication of IRIS by the department of English & modern Languages is aimed at providing a forum for writers to hone their skills in written communication. Presumably it was the platform for young writers, but at the same time it has attracted the attention of more mature academics and writers who have greatly contributed to the success of IRIS.
The editorial team cordially invite you to be a proud member of IRIS writers’ Club by sharing your creative thoughts and insights in the form of a story, an essay, poetry, a review or even graphics.


It gives me immense pleasure to write this editorial for Iris Volume II. In one year we have grown visibly. The contribution, the students have made towards this volume is ample proof of the successfulness of the journal. The poetry has gained in both breadth and depth. More poets have been created. Prose has gained in diversity. All this in spite of the overarching shadow of the Covid 19. It has however restricted our reach. We have managed to get poems from an internationally reputed poet from Nepal. Dr. Keshab Sigdel has been generous to share his poems with us. I have great pleasure in including three of his poems in this volume.
The editorial board headed by Ruvini Wickramaratne has to be commended once again with her special talent to sustain the enthusiasm of her colleagues and students, she has inspired her students to produce work of quality. Iris, the all-seeing orb has opened the doors for observing, dissecting and analyzing human experiences. Let us keep going with what has been achieved and strive to be better in the future.

Kamala Wijeratne

Author/ Poet

Sahityaratna (2019)

Chief Project Officer- National Institute of Education

Visiting Lecturer- University of Colombo (2000-2019)

Visiting Lecture- University of Sri Jayawardhanapura (2000-2008)

Rector’s Message

I congratulate the staff of the department of English & Modern Languages of SIBA Campus on the issue of IRIS volume II. IRIS is the SIBA forum for creative writers. It offers a top-notch platform for creative writers to display their writing skills and hone their creative competencies. The department of English & Modern Languages of SIBA does not promote conventional language teaching. Our mission is to promote English language learning for communicative purposes. As we know, today, Commercial, industrial and service sectors are in the dire need of creative people and good communicators. As such, IRIS is yet another step towards producing graduates with creative thoughts and excellent communication skills. Though SIBA is relatively a small university college, we have a clear vision of rendering quality education for the 21st century.
I am happy to see that IRIS has produced a bunch of enthusiastic writers who show high potentials of becoming full-fledged poets, short story writers and essayists in the future. I take this opportunity to thank the editor-in-chief, the award winning, veteran writer Ms. Kamala Wijerathne for her efforts to fine tune the creative capacities of our writers by conducting creative writing workshops. I also thank the members of the academic staff of the department of English & Modern Languages headed by Ms. Buddhi Ariyratne for bringing forth the second volume of IRIS Volume 2, despite the hindrances caused by the epidemic situation in the country. All the writers who contributed to the second volume of IRIS deserve acknowledgement, too. The encouraging hand given by many others who supported in many ways to make IRIS volume 2 a reality is much appreciated.


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