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Carpe Diem 2019

The Department of English and Modern Languages has organized an English Drama Festival cum Competition named “Carpe Diem 2019” for the schools in Kandy zone. The vision of this colossal project is to create a platform for school children of the Kandy zone through Drama and Theatre, as a stepping stone to acquire confidence in communication skills in the English language, and interpersonal skills and social skills invaluable to character development and expansion of knowledge and experience, preparing them for the world’s stage. The nexus between Drama and Theatre and the opportunity to actualize potential competencies, initiated by this project, will ensure development of interpersonal skills and social skills necessary for functioning optimally in various kinds of environments and situations in future. It will help students find their voice, tune into their hidden potentials, learn through lived experience and master the art of navigating in life. This colourful event is held on 17th and 18th July from 8.30 am onwards at SIBA auditorium.

The Honorary Doctorate Degree on Dr. Mohottige Upali Sedere from the Kingdom of Thailand

Dr. Upali Sedere, the Rector and CEO of SIBA Campus, Kundasale has recently been felicitated with a honorary doctorate degree in Buddhist Management by the Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University of Thailand at its annual convocation held on 26th May 2019. Dr. Sedere, B. Ed Hons. (First Class) of the University of Peradeniya has been a Fulbright scholar of the Iowa State University , during the period 1972- 76, where he has obtained the MA and Ph.D degrees in Educational Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics. On returning to Sri Lanka he has continued his teaching career as a senior academic for nearly twenty years dissemination his knowledge to scores of postgraduate students and several of them have been fortunate to earn Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Education . During the period 1987 - 2012 he has served in as many as twenty countries as an education sector specialist. Having served as the Director General of the National Institute of Education he has been appointed as the Rector of the SIBA Campus in mid-2013 which position he is continuing to hold at present. SIBA Campus which was formally established as the Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy in July 2009, the Higher Educational Institute of Sri Dalada Maligawa, has started its academic activities basically to award a Degree in Buddhist Leadership in affiliation with Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University of Thailand alongside several diplomas. As per the provisions of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978, SIBA Campus has been recognized as a degree awarding institute leading to the award several first degrees such as BA Special in Buddhist Leadership, BA Special in Pali, BA General Degree, B.Sc. information Technology and B.Tech (IT and Communication). The intuition of Dr. Sedere has helped the institute to achieve these milestones. It being an English medium educational institute, first time in Sri Lanka, SIBA students learn on a digitalized platform with no paper work at all. Little more than 50% of the curricula has been covered with the development of soft skills, leadership qualities, Meditation and social work. What Dr. Sedere aims at is to produce graduates suited for the 21st Century and therefore SIBA graduates have had no difficulty in finding suitable employment. Apart from turning out graduates with first degrees Dr. Sedere's commitment and influence paved the way for ten persons learnt at SIBA to obtain the Ph.D degree of the MCU at two consecutive convocations, a feat that no other University in Sri Lanka has hitherto achieved. Dr. Sedere keeps his strict discipline and upright conduct: practices kindness, compassion, generosity and righteousness towards all human beings. Considering his meritorious deeds and academic excellence this honor has been bestowed on him by a world renowned university in Thailand.

Carpe Diem 2019 - Inter school English Drama Festival & Competition

With regard to the Carpe Diem 2019 (English drama festival & competition organized by the Department of English, SIBA Campus), the workshop on drama script writing for the English teachers of kandy zone was successfully held on 09th May 2019. It was conducted by the renowned Sri Lankan writer Mrs. Kamala Wijerathne. From this workshop the English teachers of Kandy zone could sharpen their drama script writing skills which would come in handy not only with Carpe Diem 2019, but also with all the other drama competitions that their students would participate in the future.

Dhamma School leadership Programme

A special leadership program is conducted for SIBA English Medium Dhamma School on 17th February 2019 at the SIBA Campus premises.

Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Programme

A special lecture about Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation conducted on 17th February 2019 by Mr.T.D.Premasiri ((Director, Treatment and Rehabilitation - National Dangerous Drug Control board ) for SIBA undergraduate students.


English concert of SIBA Campus was grandly held at SIBA auditorium on 25th January 2019. The concert was organized by the 53rdEnglish Diploma batch. The event was honoured with the presence of Mrs. S. Siyambalagasthenna, Regional Manager of Commercial Bank, Kurunegala , as the chief guest. EXCALEBUR awed the audience with a very charming and dignified theme of old England. All the English Diploma students showcased their various talents through singing, dancing and drama performances. The audience was really impressed by the immense talents the students have received from SIBA. EXCALEBUR was a successful event which would leave a mesmerizing mark in SIBA history.

SIBA Campus successfully holds its 6th Convocation

Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA Campus), a higher education project of Sri Dalada Maligawa proudly held its 6 th convocation recently at SIBA Auditorium. Dr. Wijedasa Rajapaksa, Minister of Education & Higher Education graced the occasion as chief guest along with many a local and international VIPs. At the gala event, 6 PhD's were awarded in Buddhist Studies while 21 were graduated with BA (Special) in Buddhist Leadership. In addition to that, 10 BSc graduates in Information Technology, 24 BA graduates and over 500 diploma and higher diploma holders for IT, English ,Management and Counselling were awarded certificates. SIBA Campus (www.siba.edu.lk) which produced a great number of graduates enriched with knowledge, skills and attitudes to take up challenges of the 21 st century, is an ideal place for academic pursuits in a calm and tranquil environment, with modern facilities and a well-qualified academic staff. SIBA Campus offers post graduate, graduate,higher diploma and diploma courses in numerous subject streams including Buddhist Studies, Management, IT and English.

Top-up degree

Earn a BSc (IT) degree in one year SLIATE / MOHE approved SIBA Campus to offer BSc (IT) degree for the HND (IT) holders. You will be exempted and grant credits for your HND courses followed at SLIATE and need to earn only 18 credit hours to complete the BSc degree. SIBA BSc IT degree is fully accredited by Ministry of Higher Education and recognized by UGC and all government and private sector institutions.

SIBA Professor Honored

Asst. professor Dr. (Ms) Iromi Ariyarathne - Head Academic Affairs & Head Postgraduate of SIBA Campus has won the award for "The Best Academic and Research Publication" of the year 2018 at the State Literary Awards Ceremony conducted by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs on 11th September 2018 at the BMICH.

Field Visit 2018

Diploma in Buddhist counseling students visited Singithi Sevana Children's Home at Dharmasoka Mawatha Kandy on 2nd September 2018.

Annual Leadership Camp 2018

The Annual Leadership Camp 2018 of SIBA Campus undergraduates of the B.A. General Degree program organized by the Department of Management Studies for the second consecutive year was held on the 22nd of July, 2018 in Randenigala. This memorable one-day team-building and leadership program consisted of a series of activities to enhance soft skills, sharpen positive attitudes, and create the right blend of personality and professionalism. Seventy-five undergraduates contested in four teams (Flames, Dragon, Super Eagle, and Victorious), and 'Flames' emerged as the overall champions.

Ezili - English Day 2018

Ezili 2018, English concert of SIBA Campus was grandly held at SIBA premises on 25th May 2018. The concert was organized by the 48th English Diploma batch. The event was honoured with the presence of Mrs.S Sooriyaarchchi, Deputy Zonal Director, Kandy, as the chief guest. Ezili carried a beautiful under water theme. All the English Diploma students showcased their various talents through singing, dancing and drama performances. The audience was really impressed by the immense talents the students have received from SIBA. Ezili was a successful event which would leave a mesmerizing mark in the SIBA history.

MCU Convocation 2018

SIBA has pleasure to announce that at the annual convocation of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Thailand , held on 13th may 2018. Following products of SIBA had been conferred with the appropriate degrees BABL 14, MA 02 and PhD 06.

SIBA Campus - Faculty of Kandyan Dancing

The foundation stones for the construction of this faculty were laid by Hon.Dr. Nilanga Dela DN of Sri Dalada Maligawa and Hon.Dhirendra Singh Esqr. Assistant High Commissioner of India on 04th May 2018 at SIBA premises.

SIBA Sooriya Mangalya 2018

SIBA Campus grandly celebrated Sinhala and Hindu New Year 2018 on 09th April 2018 at SIBA premises with all the current and past students together with their family members. It was coloured with 22 traditional games. The festive mood was heightened with the musical show at the end. The event was a blissful opportunity for SIBA family of students, academic and non academic staff to further strengthen the bond among them.

INNOVIOR Gaming Festival 2018

SIBA made an initiative to hold a Gaming Competition on its premises in 28th March 2018. SIBA is always in the front line when moulding different talents and skills of students. The Gaming Competition was one such event which allowed 20 teams from different areas in Sri Lanka to showcase their gaming talents.

Annual Cricket Tournament 2018

SIBA proved again that it is not a campus which is limited only for academic work by organizing a cricket tournament which was held on 18th March 2018 at Police Ground, Kandy. It was succeeded with the participation of 20 teams. The sports' skill of the undergraduates and diplomates was applauded by a huge enthusiastic audience.

Sanda Kinduru

"Sanda Kinduru", a perfect reflection of English Language Training at SIBA Campus SIBA Campus had the second staging of the drama 'Sanda Kinduru' on 07th December 2017 at Hindu Cutural Hall, Kandy. The drama was an outcome of the English Language Training Project carried out by SIBA Campus Department of English and Modern Languages for its BA General Degree Undergraduates. The audience were amazed with the excellent theatre performance of SIBA undergraduates as it clearly proved the mastery of their English public speaking skills.
The main reason behind this perfect out put was the training they received from the director of the drama, Prof. Daryl Harris, an American professor from Nothern Kentucky University, USA. To be trained from a professor like Daryl Harris is a very rare opportunity for undergraduates in Sri Lanka as he is an expert of traditional, experimental, applied and educational stage dramas in the world.
The performance of the undergraduates was highlighted from the eye catching costumes designed by Prof. Daryl Harris and the mellifluous music by Mr. Drashana Bodhikotuwa. The drama 'Sanda Kinduru' is an absolute evidence of the quality of English learning experience SIBA undergraduates receive, which is not limited only to the inside classroom activities.

Annual Leadership camp

Department of Management Studies conducted its Annual Outbound Training 2017, a one-day team-building and leadership program for SIBA Campus undergraduates of the B.A. General Degree program as a part of the Management Studies curriculum on the 21 st of October, 2017. Participants contested as teams under various activities and a mini-hike.

SIBA Convocation Ceremony 2017

Over 500 students marked the successful culmination of their ?undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at a gala Convocation Ceremony held on 20th October 2017 at the SIBA auditorium , Pallekele, Kundasale . It was dedicated to the first batch of Graduates in B.SC. (INFORAMATION TECHNOLOGY). Student achievements were recognized across a range of programs including MA in Buddhist Studies, BA (Special) Degree in Buddhist Leadership, BA (Special) Degree in Pali , BSc Degree in Information Technology and Higher Diploma/ Diploma Programmes in several disciplines. The Chief Guest was Sri Tharanjith singh sandhu (H.E. the Higher Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka) .Other distinguish guests were Ven. Dr. Saddhammajothikadhaja Niyangoda Sri Vijithasiri Anu Nayaka Theoro of Malwathu Maha Viharaya, Ven. Wendaruwe Sri Upali Anu Nayaka Thero of Asgiri Maha Viharaya, Ms.Radha Venkatraman Assistant ( Higher Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka ) , Mr. Mahendra Ratwatte (Board Director of SIBA and Former Mayor Of Kandy) , Mr. C.W.Karunarathne ( Board Director of SIBA and Secretary General Sri Dalada Maligawa) , Mr.Gamini Ranjith Bandara ( Board Director of SIBA and Director Foreign Affairs Sri Dalada Maligawa) and Dr. Palitha Kohona , (Board Director of SIBA and former Secretary/Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the government of Sri Lanka). Eminent educationist, Dr. Upali Sedere (Rector/SIBA) conducted the proceedings.

INNOVIOR 2017 -IT Exhibition

The department of Information Technology of SIBA Campus, Pallekele, Kundasale organized "Innovior 2017" the first IT exhibition in collaboration with the Zonal Education office Kandy on 6th July 2017. The exhibition was focused on Innovations, creative presentations, digital arts, animations and drama.
In the category of innovations, 30 students from 11 schools took part. Winners were chosen from two streams: Software innovations and Robotic innovations. Twenty dramas presented by the schools related to IT were part of the exhibition. Similarly, winners in all other categories were also chosen by two eminent panels of judges.
The exhibition was declared open by the Provincial Director of Education Mr.Thilak Ekanayake. Over 1000 school students visited the exhibition and took part at a motivational session which was conducted by Mr.Kelum Weligama under the topic of "Why we are learning?" The closing ceremony and the prize giving were held on 7th July 2017 with the participation of Prof. S.H.P.P Karunarathne, the Director of the National Institute of Fundamental Studies.

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