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Buddhist teachings endowed with Pariyatti, theoretical understanding of Dhamma obtained through reading, study, and learning, Paipatti: the practice of Dhamma, and Paivedha: Direct, first-hand realization of the Dhamma, aimed at welfare, benefit, and happiness of the many is widely regarded as one of the greatest teachings taught by the Gautama Buddha Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies, Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy, SIBA Campus, plays a vital role in promoting Pali and Buddhist Studies in the University curriculum, and producing skilful, efficient, qualified scholars in Pali and Buddhist Studies. With the view of providing students with sufficient philosophical and practical knowledge and experience on Buddhist Studies, Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies offers a number of Degree, Higher Diploma/ Diploma, and Certificate study programmes with the blessings and patronage of the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic.


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