Dr. Upali M. Sedere

Dr. Upali M. Sedere

The Rector of SIBA CAMPUS
B.Ed. (Honors) Ceylon; MA & PhD (Lowa)
Fulbright Scholar and Education Sector Specialist

                        Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA CAMPUS) though is a young degree awarding college just eight years old; we are a much established school today offering 05 Accredited Undergraduate Degrees and over 75 Degrees, Diplomas and Certificate courses. We are a college just over 1000 enrollment and over 500 graduating every year. Thanks to Dr. Pradeep Nilanga Dela, the Chairman of SIBA Board of Directors, the Lay Custodian of the sacred Sri Dalada Maligawa we have been able to progress fast. The blessings of both the Mahanayaka Theros and the Annunayaka Theros of the Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters we progress well in a well-disciplined environment. Our students are well mannered and highly accommodative.

Milestones: Our first batch of BA in Buddhist Leadership graduated in 2013. Our first batch of MA in Buddhist Leadership Graduates in year 2014. Our first batch of PhDs in Buddhist Leadership will graduate in 2018. The first batch of BSc Information Technology students’ graduates and receives their degree at the 5th Graduation and Convocation ceremony in October 2017. The first batch of BA General Degree is graduating in December 2017.

The campus started with the blessings and the patronage of the Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU), of Bangkok, Thailand and awarded only the BA Special Degree in Buddhist Leadership from MCU Thailand. One can still follow the BA Buddhist Leadership Special Degree from MCU. However, SIBA today awards 05 Degrees all Accredited Sri Lankan Degree. You can follow UGC/MOHE Accredited Degrees, namely BA Special Degree in Buddhist Leadership, BA Special Degree Pali; B.Sc. IT Degree, BA General Degree and B.Tech. Degree.

SIBA is awaiting accreditation of Bachelors of Business Administration General Degree (BBA) from MOHE. Besides the undergraduate degrees, SIBA also offer the Masters and PhD degrees in Buddhist Leadership in affiliation with MCU.
SIBA newly established Faculty of Kandyan Dancing. The addition of the Kandyan Dancing Faculty was another dream of Dr. Pradeep Nilanga Dela, the Chairman of SIBA Board of Directors. We are awarded grant financing for the construction of a new building complex for Kandyan Dancing Faculty by the Government of India. This is a great opportunity to develop esthetic domain of our students.

21 Century Graduates: SIBA is unique as we produce 21st century graduates. All SIBA Undergraduates and Post graduates work on SIBA Blackboard, the Digital Platform. We have limited our paper-pencil education only to the end semester examination. All our undergraduates are fully conversant in English and highly skilled in IT.
SIBA is the only institution in Sri Lanka that offers textbooks prepared by our Lecturers for the Diplomas in English as well as for Information Technology. This year we have the Revised 2nd Edition of the set of books for student’s use.

Soft Skills: We are also unique as all SIBA undergraduate and postgraduate students as every SIBA undergraduate actively participate in Social Welfare Projects to develop soft skills and by the time a student graduates they have work every semester in a social project. Beside we ensure that every undergraduate participate in Meditation or Yogi. All these efforts made them better equipped with IT Skills, English and language competencies and Soft Skills to make them 21st century graduates to join the world of work.